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Werkout Wednesday: Running

​Werkout Wednesday is HERE and I can't wait to talk about one of the most loved...and hated...workouts of all time: RUNNING!

Think about it, humans and our distant ancestors have been running for as long as we have been around. If you want some more interesting facts and insight into running I highly recommend Christopher McDougall's book, Born to Run. Running is something so primal, something that connects us to the rest of the animal kingdom, something that was done out of necessity and survival.

So why is it so hard?! :D

There are runners, there are people (like me) who try to run but just don't always love it and there are people who you could not pay enough to run around the block. My point is, for something that we all were technically designed to do, there are a lot of strong feelings towards this whole running business. Let's talk about it!

Remember to message me your suggestions on Inclusion Health's Instagram and Facebook and check out that space for all the photos and videos of our werkouts. Can't wait to hear from you!

Location: Beach, treadmill, neighborhood, forest, outdoor trail, city (safe areas), airport (if you're late for a flight), party (if your ex walks in) get the point...ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE!

Description: Put one foot in front of the other. Pick up the pace. Thats it. Maybe get a little air in between your steps. Breathe. You got it!

Level: ANY! Running is something that can be both accessible and challenging for all levels of fitness. If someone is a more experienced runner they can always add sprints. hills, distance or speed to their runs. For beginners just getting out and picking up your pace from a walk to a run can be really gratifying and beneficial!

Geared Towards: Really anyone who decides to go for it! Running can be both challenging and rewarding. For some, they can and love to do it all the time. For others its a more occasional thing. But I think its good for all of us to give it a try. Due to injuries running long or fast distances may not feel good on your body but that's ok! For me, long runs and steep hills really hurt my hips. In fact I trained and completed a marathon a few years ago only to realize that running was so hard on my hips that I had to see a chiropractor on a weekly basis just to be able to train. However, I know that if I do short, fast bursts of running in intervals I feel really good! Maybe a longer, gentle run feels good to you. So play around and see what feels good for your body.

What I Loved: Before I trained for my marathon I hated running in all forms. Yes, even the mile in middle school P.E. class. I was a dancer and running seemed so boring. But by forcing myself to stick with the marathon training process it taught me that getting outside and taking a run can be an amazing way to let go of stress, frustration and a great excuse to get some sunshine and fresh air. Since then I have used running as a tool to explore so many new places and to soak in the outdoors.

What I Would Improve: Personally I would improve how my joints felt during running but that is purely my own personal body. How I make running an enjoyable experience is to get outside and soak in the scenery. I also love listening to great audiobooks or podcasts as it lets me settle into a longer run than music does sometimes. But lets be honest, putting on your favorite jams and hitting the pavement for a run can be pretty freaking amazing! Personally I don't love running with other peopl since its my time to clear my head but I think having a running buddy or joining a running group is an amazing way to keep yourself accountable and motivated.

The Studio: This is what makes running so special and easy. You don't need any equipment aside from your clothes and a good pair of shoes...and probably headphones! But you can run anywhere and everywhere which makes it the perfect on the go workout.

How to Access: Please reference "Description" or "The Studio" above for more details. :)

Now let's see what you've got! Whether you've been running for years, just starting off or are somewhere in between I want to hear from you about your running adventures. Head on over to our Instagram and Facebook pages to watch my story of running down the beach in Cabo and PLEASE share yours. Show me you running around your block, at the park, after your children or doing a race! I want to cheer you on!

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