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About Inclusion

Our Story


Yoga, fitness and health is something that should be accessible to everyone. Community and support to become stronger, healthier and more empowered should be something that we all share. We have found that there is a hole in the fitness community where people can only have access to a great class if they can afford to pay a premium amount for it. Additionally, people tend to stay isolated and disconnected while they are in their choice place of fitness.

It is the goal of Inclusion to create come as you are health and fitness events. We work together with other organizations to bring the same opportunity to those who might not otherwise be able to afford it. Additionally, and most importantly we focus on what makes us similar, where we have common ground and how we can come together to create a better, more welcoming environment. Health is all inclusive. Mind, body and spirit. Inclusion works to create a nonjudgemental, honest and open place where people can enjoy one another, lift one another up and have fun while becoming stronger both physically and emotionally.

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