Werkout Wednesday: P.volve

It's that time again, Werkout Wednesday!!

I am an absolute Podcast junkie and love all the recommendations, new products and techniques that I am introduced to through podcasts. What about you? What podcasts do you listen to? Do you listen to podcasts? Are you thinking, what the heck is a podcast is? :) Well do yourself a favor and looks some up! They are amazing!

Anyway, the reason why I bring up podcasts is because I was first introduced to this week's Werkout Wednesday feature through a podcast AND got a 30 day free trial of the app! This week I am reviewing a technique called P.volve. This is a very unique and slightly difficult to explain workout...but I will do my best.

I am in need of new suggestions and new recommendations for our Werkout Wednesday feature so what do you want to see? Where do you want me to go? What are you scared to try? What are you loving and want to spread the word? Let me know!

Make sure you are following Inclusion Health on Instagram and Facebook for all the photos and videos of our werkouts. Email or DM us on social media because we cannot wait to hear from you!

Here we go!!

Location: Online App or New York City Studio

Class: A lot of different app classes

Description: A low impact class that I would say combines together mat pilates, physical therapy, slow and controlled body resistance and posture training. Some classes use bands, sliders or some specialized equipment that can be purchased from p.volve directly.

Level: Beginner: I personally think these classes would be good for anyone at any level. I say this because there isn't any high intensity moves, there isn't any cardio or heavy sweating. Most of the classes and moves are very accommodating to people that have injuries, might be older or are new to working out. For those of us that are used to more high intensity and more challenging classes it might be a little too easy or slow paced for you.

Geared Towards: Mainly women but it was created and is taught by a man. The founder who is an ex athlete wanted to create a way to sculpt what some people would consider the ideal female body. What this is...I have no idea. However, these types of movements do seem to lengthen muscles, tighten and tone them rather than the approach of ripping and repairing muscles that tend to give you a more bulky look. Think, what you get when you are heavy lifting.

What I Loved: I liked that nothing hurt my body. On P.volve's website there is a quote saying, "Pain is not gain, its just pain". I totally agree with this mentality and love the idea that you do not need to be killing yourself, your muscles and your joints to get great results. You can tone your muscles without hurting yourself in the process.

What I Would Improve: I would improve the difficulty of most of these workouts. I will say that some of the moves might have been intensified with more of the specialized P.volve equipment but it is stated that these are not required. But overall I did not seem to be super challenged by most of the workouts.

The Studio: I did these workouts in my hotel room but they do have a studio in New York that would be cool to check out.

How to Access: Download their app and try their free trial or visit their studio in NYC!

Now head on over to ourInstagram and Facebook pages to watch my story of trying P.volve in my hotel room. This technique is definitely a unique one and I'd be interested to hear from other people who try it! So message us your thoughts!

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