Werkout Wednesday: BODYROK

Happy Happy Werkout Wednesday!!

Have you ever tried a workout class and felt completely silly or uncoordinated? Yep, me too! Like a lot of times!! Has that scared you away or left you wanting to try harder and get better? This week I went and did a pilates reformer class at Bodyrok and I must admit that my usually coordinated self felt pretty ridiculous. But the important part was that I still had fun, I still moved my body and was sore the next day. It is important to remember that there is no harm in feeling a little confused. So read on for my whole run down of my experience at Bodyrok and let me know what types of workouts make you feel a little silly or out of your comfort zone.

Make sure you are following Inclusion Health on Instagram and Facebook for all the photos and videos of our werkouts. I also can't wait to hear your suggestions for new workouts and to go try them...especially the ones that make you feel a little silly. So email or DM us on social media because we cannot wait to hear from you!

So here we go!!

Location: Marina San Francisco, CA

Other Locations: Chicago, New York City, Billings and all over California

Class: Sculpt Full Body

Description: A 40 minute Pilates reformer class. The Pilates reformer is a sliding bench type contraption that has springs and straps to that you hook and hold onto to target different muscle groups. If you're familiar with it you know it is both challenging and really useful at the same time. If you're newer to it, or don't go very often, like me, you may find it confusing and/or comical.

Level: Moderate: I personally would not recommend this type of class to someone who is brand new to working out. I am pretty strong and have a lot of body awareness and still find these classes pretty challenging and a little intimidating. As for people that have been working out for awhile and want to really target specific muscles, tone and lengthen your body and give yourself a different and unique challenge, this type of class is a perfect place for you! It is also great for people who need low impact due to an illness or injury. All the movement are slow and controlled which is great!

Geared Towards: Mainly women but some men would really benefit from this type of workout. I think women are drawn to this kind of class because pilates is known to give you long, lean muscles (usually what women love!) rather than big, bulky muscles (what men tend to lean towards). However, for anyone who really wants a shaking, challenging, slow moving, low impact class that over time will really sculpt your body, a pilates reformer class is a really great option for you.

What I Loved: The instructor was the absolute cutest and encouraging person. She made sure the three of us that had never been to Bodyrok had all the information we needed and then continually checked in and adjusted us throughout class to make sure we knew what was going on. I also liked that I was the good kind of sore the next day, that always means you worked some muscles that needed it!

What I Would Improve: Honestly, I think I would just improve my own experience with this type of workout. This is the type of thing that comes with time and practice. I have taken pilates a few times in my life but I have never really wanted to stick with it on a regular basis so I always feel brand new to it when I try it. This kind of workout definitely takes some practice so I would say, if you try and it and like it then stick with it. if you find it to be kind of weird and overcomplicated, I can't blame you.

The Studio: The studio I attended was in the Marina in San Francisco. The place is really pretty with a lot of natural light and beautiful pictures on the wall. They have quite a few other locations around too. Check their website for more details.

How to Access: I signed up for this class on good old Classpass but you can also do drop in and sign up for classes online.

Now head on over to our Instagram and Facebook pages to watch my story of going to Bodyrok. So so sad that my timelapse did not work for this class. I was so excited for you all to see me look completely confused and working my booty off. But there are still photos of the studio and lots of extra insight. So check it out!

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