Werkout Wednesday: Camyoga

A Very Happy New Year to Everyone!

The new year is a a perfect time to start fresh and recharge. It is a blank page that you get to fill with your new goals and aspirations. I don't know about you, but for me there is a lot of emotion that is connected to the new year. As one year comes to a close, you think of all you've gained but also what you have lost, what you have accomplished but also what you didn't quite attain and it seems to be exciting to start fresh but also a bit scary. For me, I find that the holidays and the end of the year actually bring about some darker feelings and some sense of being overwhelmed by it all. But as today has come about and I look at the beginning of January and a whole entire year in front of me, I feel like the possibilities are endless. Although, it still feels a bit intimidating, kind of like moving or traveling somewhere new, heck even like trying a new workout, where the uncertainty comes from the unknown. But that is also where the magic lies. By not being quite sure what is to come, it allows us to mold and shape it into the experience we want it to be. Just like a new workout, it may be challenging at times, we may feel silly or out of our comfort zone but in the end we will come out of it stronger and more accomplished for trying something new.

So I encourage you to join in this approach to the new year. Lets step into the unknown with purpose and excitement, embrace the changes and acknowledge the uncertainty. Its ok to be a little scared and its ok to be really excited but most importantly please remember that you can always start anew, no matter what day it is, if you want to make resolutions on a random Tuesday four months from now, do it. If it feels like too much to make new goals right this minute, give yourself some compassion and grace that you are doing the best you can and the new aspirations will come when you are read for them. Most importantly just commit to loving yourself. It is important for us to be our own advocates, our own biggest fans and always remember that the voice within is the most important voice to listen to. You have all the tools to be who you want to be. You, in fact, are already perfect. If you want to become physically stronger, mentally more focused, emotionally more balanced or any other kind of improvement then that is wonderful, totally do it! But allow it to come from a place of knowing that you are special enough to be worth improvement, not because you aren't good enough yet. Let this new year be a year that you take on your goals and improve your life because you know that you are so completely worth living the best life that you can. This is why I chose a nice relaxing yoga class in Cambridge, England as my recommended class to try. I good, solid, slow yoga class is exactly what I need to find my center, to ground myself and to remind myself to breathe and be completely comfortable in my own skin. It is honestly the best medicine I've ever found. I struggle with the same anxieties,doubts. stresses and fears that anyone else does and a slow moving, solid breathing yoga practice is exactly what I need to calm it all down. So please enjoy my recommendations and review of Camyoga!

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Location: Camyoga

City: Cambridge, England (Central Cambridge)

Other Locations: Great Shelford, Camyoga Mitcham's, Stem and Glory Vegan Cafe

Class: Yoga Flow Open

Description: A basic vinyasa flow yoga class that focuses on holding postures and gently moving through sun salutations.

Level: Beginner-Moderate: This class was enjoyable for someone like me who does yoga on a regular basis but also would be available for people who were brand new to yoga. The class moved in a slow enough pace that experienced yogis could really focus on deepening their postures and newer yogis could have the time to understand and keep up with the class.

Geared Towards: This class was really welcoming for everyone. I would feel comfortable in bringing my boyfriend (who has done yoga only about three times but is really strong), my mom who is fairly weak due to osteoporosis and some recent injuries and yet I enjoyed it thoroughly even though I usually like a more challenging and strenuous yoga practice. The class had a nice handful of all different ages and levels and everyone seemed to be able to get what they needed to from the class.

What I Loved: The relaxed feeling that I got from this class was wonderful. As much as I love to move quickly and sweat and push my body, sometimes you just need a really solid stretch and some mental clarity. This class was great for a solid reset of the mind, body and spirit.

What I Would Improve: The front desk staff were ok but I think they could have been a little more friendly and helpful for a new student. They did ask if I had taken yoga before and when I said, "yes, I'm actually a teacher from San Francisco" it seemed like they just kind of ended my orientation there. This might have come from the impression that I would just be there once but the truth is that I spend a lot of my time in Cambridge and think that it would have been nice to feel a bit more welcomed.

The Studio: This studio is a nice small, quite place hidden down a tiny alley pretty much in the center of Cambridge. Its easy to get to by foot if you're anywhere near the train station and city center. There is a tiny changing room with lockers and the studio itself has mats and props that you can use. The entry area has little couches and tables to sit at before or after your class.

How to Access: I just signed up for this class on the website online as a drop-in and was easily signed in when I arrived. There are also memberships and class packets available for those that go on a more regular basis.

And there we have it! A fresh new year and my first review of an international class. Whether you are ever in Cambridge, England or not, I highly suggest you find a nice, solid, calming yoga class to start your year off with. It is so perfect to realign your mind, body and soul and prepare you for all the gifts and challenges that the new year will bring. Now head on over to our Instagram and Facebook pages to watch my story of taking class!

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