Werkout Wednesday: Uplift Studio

Happy Gratitude Week Werkout Wednesday Review!

That is a mouthful but we're just warming up for Turkey Day eating!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! This week I have been focusing on gratitude and all that I am thankful for. It is important to stay thankful for our bodies and our health and to treat them well. This week I went to Uplift Studios in New York City and absolutely loved it! This is a women empowerment studio that focuses on building up women and making women feel strong! It was fantastic. I am thankful for being a woman and for all the strong women in my life. I'm thankful for the men who see us as equals and who support and love us! Just feeling so grateful and I love that Thanksgiving gives us a chance to reflect on that. I am so thankful for you and want to hear more from you. So make sure you are following Inclusion Health on Instagram and Facebook for all the photos and videos of our werkouts. And PLEASE send me your suggestions for new workouts so I can go try them. Email or DM us on social media because I cannot wait to hear from you! Thank you for being you!

Eating all the yummy food tomorrow, but first, Werkout Wednesday!

Location: Uplift Studio

City: New York City, NY, USA

Other Locations: Los Angeles

Class: Power Happy Hour

Description: Full Body HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout that uses body resistance, weights and cardio to build muscle strength and work up a solid sweat. Head to toe kick booty, heart racing, sweat dripping workout!

Level: Moderate: This class was definitely a nice challenge even for people who are pretty fit. But the instructor did a great job of giving levels and modifications for people who might be more of a beginner. You don't come here if you don't want to put in some solid work though.

Geared Towards: Females, Ladies, Whoa-men! *Cue hair toss* This place is a females only studio which is fully geared towards empowering women. Their tag line is,

"Strong Women Uplift Each Other!"

How cool is that?!? So go on in with all your estrogen and get ready to to kick booty with all the girl power you could need!

What I Loved: Obviously the women empowerment vibes! But beyond that, it was a killer full body workout. The next day my whole body was sore and I felt stronger immediately! The instructor was also amazing! She was friendly and upbeat and kept pushing us with a great attitude. Her playlist was amazing too, throwing in some really fun 90s songs. I mean, any class that has 'Fighter' by Christina Aguilera has me won over instantly. Annnnnnnd...wait for it...we got WINE afterwards!! That's right, this studio is encouraging women to change the way they happy hour by coming and getting their sweat on before their sip on!

What I Would Improve: The front desk staff seemed slightly distracted and could have been a little more friendly when people first walk in. They did give us wine after class though so I forgive them!

The Studio: This studio sits above the busy streets of New York with a big window that you can look out on the city below. There is a group fitness room and a room that seemed to be for personal training sessions. They have a full locker room and restroom for your belongings that isn't too big but still enough to be able to safely store your stuff. There are signs all over with strong women quotes which is fun and encouraging!

How to Access: I found this class on Classpass but you can do memberships or drop ins to their classes. Why not grab some girlfriends and supplement your usual evening happy hour with a great workout followed by wine! If you're in New York or LA, I highly recommend it!

Now head on over to our Instagram and Facebook pages to watch my story of taking class...and doing what I love almost as much as lifting weights and that is lifting a wine glass! Cheers!

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