Werkout Wednesday: uforia studios

Welcome to our very first Werkout Wednesday Review!

I am so excited to share with you the journey of working out all over the world in the hopes that it will inspire you to go on your very own fitness adventure. Whether it be a studio in my hometown of San Francisco, like this first one, or an online class while traveling in a different country, I invite you to follow along and come on this journey with me! So make sure you are following Inclusion Health on Instagram and Facebook for all the photos and videos of our werkouts. I also can't wait to hear your suggestions for new workouts and to go try them. So email or DM us on social media because we cannot wait to hear from you!

Without further ado, I present to you, Werkout Wednesday!

Location: uforia studios

City: San Francisco (Nob Hill), CA, USA

Other Locations: Palo Alto, Mission (Coming Soon)

Class: Hip-Hop

Description: A super fun, high energy dance class that teaches you a hip hop routine. The class begins with a warm up and stretch and then quickly moves on to teaching a hip-hop routine just a few counts at a time. The hour long class finishes with a cool down and stretch.

Level: Moderate: This class is super fun for someone like me who has spent many years dancing! But if you are willing to be patient and not get too frustrated if you don't catch on immediately, then it is completely available to someone who has never taken a dance class! And for people in between who just love to dance, you'll have a blast.

Geared Towards: I would say this class is geared towards ages 20-40 because it seems to be a young, hip studio and the music is newer rap, hip hop, r&b and pop. But anyone who is young at heart would probably love it. The class was primarily female but definitely had some male attendants. The classes taught by men seem to be more gender neutral than the female taught classes but I think any of the classes would be fun for any gender.

What I Loved: This class makes you feel like you are a backup dancer for Beyonce! It is so much fun and also an amazing cardio workout! I was sweating and fully out of breath and loving every second of it! The lights in the studio are color changing and go from pinks and purples to blues and reds to fully make you feel like you are in your own personal music video. The instructors move fairly quickly but are friendly and fun and always check to make sure people aren't getting too lost along the way. You can ask questions or have them repeat a section of the dance if you are confused.

What I Would Improve: Honestly, not much! Some of the evening classes get a little crowded and it might be nice if the instructor would help people find "windows" or staggering people so that everyone can see the mirror and instructor (a standard for normal dance classes).

The Studio: This studio is just all around cool. It is white, clean and hip. They also have spin classes and a class called grit that combines cardio and weights for a full body workout. Front desk staff isn't overly friendly but you can check yourself in on an iPad and head right into class. They provide towels for class and have a water bottle filling station. Their locker room isn't very private but does have enough space to get ready before or after class. Overall I can only say good things about this studio and it has kept me coming back for more.

How to Access: This studio has introductory rates, memberships, drop in options and has classes on Classpass. So if you live in the Bay area in California or are ever visiting, don't miss a hip hop class at uforia studios!

Now head on over to our Instagram and Facebook pages to watch my story of taking class! I may not look like the Queen B but I sure felt like her and thats all that matters!!

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