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Traveling the World One Workout at a Time

Have you ever wanted to try a new workout, fitness class, studio or gym but was afraid to because you didn't really know what you were getting into? I totally understand that feeling. No one likes to be that person standing in the corner of a class feeling lost and confused and having no idea what you just got yourself into. Have you ever wanted to try an online class but wasn't really sure which one or where to even start? I get it, there are like a million of them. Well guess what? I am going to take all the guess work out of your workout!

Ever since I stopped dancing regularly after high school I have been on the prowl for the next best workout. I am pretty confident in saying I've tried just about every type of class, gym, studio, at home workout and fitness trend and I've decided to start sharing my experiences with you, the Inclusion Health tribe! My goal for Inclusion is to create a community where people were encouraged and excited about moving their bodies and feeling good. Going to work out shouldn't feel scary, intimidating or like a chore. If it does feel that way, you just haven't found the right workout for you. Finding a fitness routine is like dating, you have to try a lot before you find the right fit for you. And for that matter, sometimes that fizzles and you have to break up with your fitness routine and move on to the next one. Best of all, you never have to marry one workout forever and can always change it up with no messy divorce.

I have been doing exactly this for over ten years and it has become one of my favorite hobbies. Along the way, I've become certified and have taught many of the workouts that I have personally fallen in love with and also put on my own Inclusion events that fuse together a little bit of everything, but that has never stopped me from trying out other new and different fitness regimens. I travel to different states, cities and countries on a regular basis and don't always get to stick to one studio or gym. Thats why I am constantly trying out different workouts in these new places I visit as well as trying many different online workouts since sometimes its just me in a hotel room.

I want everyone to feel like working out, getting in shape and feeling healthy comes in all forms and fashions, shapes and sizes. Just because you enjoy shavasana over spin class does not mean that you cannot be a fitness fanatic. Because lets be real, we all love shavasana! I want to share this journey with you, so I will be sharing a weekly review of a new and different workout. It may be a new studio, class or gym or maybe its an online platform that I'm giving a whirl and you'll be along for the ride. No matter what, I want to give you the resources and knowledge to know what you are getting into when you try it too. As someone who has tried everything from crossfit to marathons (ok ONE marathon...we'll get to my love/hate relationship with running) and ballet classes to Bikram yoga, I am here to tell you that there is a whole world out there of fun and exciting ways to get fit and if you're not trying them you're missing out!

I promise you that I am not some super human who has zero percent body fat or a professional athlete. I am a normal girl that likes to eat and drink with her friends on the weekends and I still LOVE to workout. You can be both. You can be healthy. You do not need to have six pack abs to be a fitness fanatic. And if you do have a six pack I high five you but I just like pizza a little too much to find mine. But no matter what, I will give an honest and real perspective of how a workout will feel for the average person.

So lets take this journey together. I will be sending out a weekly email so DM me with your email if you want to receive recommendations each week, posting my journey on Inclusion Health's Instagram and Facebook pages so make sure you're following and including a full analysis on our website. I want your input too! Is there a fitness class or workout that you want to try and you'd prefer me to be the guinea pig, I'm happy to do so, just send me your suggestions and I'll jump on it! Have a fitness class or routine that you love and want to share it with more people? Send it my way and I'll give it a try and let everyone know what I think! This is your chance to get excited about new workouts and take the boredom or intimidation out of becoming healthy. Lets get sweaty together!

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