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Why I Left the Top Fitness Companies in the Country to Start My Own.

For many years I have taught and been a student at some of the best fitness studios in the country. I have walked in and out of the chicest yoga studios, best fitness facilities and most prestigious gyms throughout the US and I just couldn't shake that I felt like something was missing. I always accomplished a wonderful workout, learned a lot about technique and body awareness and received what I needed from feeling healthy and happy.

So what could possibly be missing?

While many of the people I found along my fitness journey were wonderful and I did find myself with many friends along the way, I did seem to notice that there was a lack of inclusive community. Health seemed something reserved for already healthy, skinny and wealthy people and I felt I could do something to change this. In addition I also felt like people walked in, worked out and left. No one seemed interested in chatting with one another and even though many of us cope with the struggles of life through a good sweat, no one wanted to acknowledge that maybe we weren't all ok all the time. With these observations along with multiple people telling me, "I would work out but I'm intimidated by the gym." Or "I would love to lose weight but I don't want to be the heaviest person in the class or look silly because I'm out of shape". How about the feeling or phrase that you would work out but its too expensive to belong to a gym or studio. I began to feel guilty that I was one of the people who seemed to fit in this unspoken box. People who are already fit, wealthy enough to pay the membership and can show up in trendy and pricey workout gear. This just didn't seem fair.

So I decided to do my part to take all the wonderful parts I have learned and benefited from in the fitness industry and begin to expand it towards creating a community that welcomes everyone of all sizes, all fitness types, all backgrounds and all financial statuses.

My goal is to spread happiness and confidence to anyone and everyone who wants it rather than just those who feel like they can pay for it. I also think that everyone has an equal gift to bring to the community. We all have so much more in common than we have that separates us. We all deal with sadness, loneliness, insecurities and struggles. We also all celebrate happiness, joy and the wonderful parts of life. I want a place where people find common ground through holistic mind, body and spirit health and let go of what they're wearing or what the color of their skin is. I want a place where anyone of any age or any level of fitness feels like they can come and be fueled with support and encouragement. I want to create a platform where we can lean on one another when we are at a low point and celebrate one another when we succeed.

I think that health and fitness has come a long ways and there are so many phenomenal ways of getting healthy. I hope to bring the next strong wave of fitness evolution to the world where we bond together globally over becoming a better version of ourselves.

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