December 27, 2018

Happy Werkout Wednesday!!

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season! If you're anything like me this is definitely a time of year that doesn't lend quite as much time to hitting the gym or the fitness studio and often times it feels a little hard to sneak in workouts in between holiday parties and family visits. That is why for this week's Werkout Wednesday, I decided to take it back to the basics and discuss one of my absolute favorite workouts. That is a goooooood, loooooong walk!! This is such a good way to get your body active, get your mind clear and get some nice fresh air. Also, this is a great way to spend time with your friends and family this holiday season by getting out together on a nice, casual stroll. So lets talk more about it!  

Also, please make sure you are following Inclusion Health on Instagram and Facebook for all the photos and videos of our werkouts. And PLEASE send me a message with your suggestions for new workouts. I travel all over the place...

December 20, 2018

Hello, hello Werkout Wednesday!!

Anyone else busy, busy wrapping up 2018 and fully immersed in the whirlwind that is the Holiday season?! Everyone. Yeah I thought so. Anyone else notice their fitness and health routines rapidly dive-bomb during this time of year? Yeah me too. But it is ok!! It is cold outside which means being active outdoors isn't really an option. Unless you're in the southern hemisphere, in which case I'm jealous of your beach time! :) There are holiday parties galore, year end deadlines means long hours at work instead of the gym and more time with family is usually accompanied with more food and drinks.


Clearly I totally get it! So I decided to share with you an on the go, work with your busy schedule, do what you can kind of workout that is called Tone It Up. If you haven't heard of it yet, you probably haven't spent much time in Target or on Instagram but don't worry, I have the full story here for you...

December 5, 2018

Hello, hello from one of my favorite cities in the US of A,


The food here is delicious, the live music is impressive, the drinks here flow freely and everyone keeps up with this fun lifestyle by keeping active and in shape! I have spent a lot of time here in Austin and absolutely love it!! Full disclosure, I even tried to date around here for awhile so that if I met someone I would have a chance to move here. Shameless, I know. Worth a try for a great city though. But now that I'm a few years wiser and more mature (maybe), I come here to enjoy the food, the fun and of course the fitness! 

This week I am in Austin for a Yoga Medicine training focused on women's health. It is so interesting and if you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram...which I very much hope you are...then you'll get a sneak peak into all the Traditional Chinese Medicine I'm learning that I can't wait to share with you in the future. Buuuuut in the meantime I want to tell you all about...

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